Kilday & Stratton has a wealth of experience across the the housing and development industry. The primary areas of service offered are development, residential construction and consulting. 

Land Development

This is the paramount skill-set that Kilday & Stratton have mastered.  Both partners have been directly involved with several real estate developments and related construction activities during their working lives.  These developments have included golf courses and related club buildings as well as resort hotels, commercial and retail uses.  At The Lakes at Valley West, the principal product Kilday & Stratton will offer is improved lots for sale to the best builders in the Bozeman market. 

Home Building

Both Jim Kilday and Greg Stratton have significant experience building homes across various densities and price ranges. Cognizant of the current transition of the national housing market from bigger homes and lots to smaller, more efficient homes and lots, their recent efforts have been evolving toward designing and building efficient homes which fully utilize a home’s interior spaces with a view to balancing comfortable livability within a smaller building envelope. Kilday & Stratton has now formed a building company to build homes on The Lakes and throughout Bozeman as demand and opportunities present themselves. Their first offerings on The Lakes will be built at the main entry to The Lakes at Durston Road and Laurel Parkway. They are also building custom homes in the first phase of Valley West.


Kilday & Stratton offers services that represent the essence of success in real estate development such as project feasibility, risk analysis, marketing studies and product positioning to name just a few.  The task of determining the highest and best use of a particular piece of property is a skill that takes time and hands-on experience to master and Kilday & Stratton, with decades of experience, has mastered those skills.  Too many projects fail or fall short of expectations because the risk associated with that particular property is not recognized and properly managed.  Kilday & Stratton has the knowledge and experience to recognize the risks involved and structure the development strategy in order to fully account for and to minimize financial risk which leads to enhanced financial returns.